Written by Rebecca Singleton. Illustrated by Katherine Summerville.

‘Becci Books’ are beautifully illustrated children's books with a catchy and memorable rhythm. With age-appropriate activities, they encourage learning beyond the book.

Each story was born to help mother-of-three, Rebecca, communicate better with her children:

“For me, storytime is the most important part of my family's day. I wanted to create books that were not only fun to read and beautiful to look at, but also sparked the imagination, encouraged conversation, and impacted behaviour."

From the simple lesson to tidy your toys or the more complex concept that it is okay to be different, ‘Becci Books’ help to foster a love of reading in a fun and immersive way.

“I believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, teach, and connect with our young people.” Rebecca Singleton

Learn more at www.beccibooks.com

Rubber Ducky Becci Books $5.00 USD
The Toyman Becci Books $25.00 USD
The Toyman Onesie Becci Books $40.00 USD

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