What do I wear Bermuda Shorts with?

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Are the shorts true to size?

Yes, they are true to size. If in doubt go bigger, TABS look great with a belt. Please note our swim collection is a slightly different fit to the traditional Bermuda shorts.



Do TABS come in Mid Sizes?

Yes, we now have 28's, 33 and 35's in select colours. You can just search your size and you will see what colours are available. If you can't find your exact size we recommend sizing up and wearing a belt. 



Do you ship internationally?

We sure do. All our shorts are in Bermuda and the price of shipping can be high. TABS is not responsible for paying tax/VAT/clearance fees. Join our mailing list to hear about shipping deals. 


How can I see the price in another currency?

Our website shows sterling, dollars and euros. Just click on the currency button top left of the website.



How do I know they are going to fit?

Click here to check out our Size Chart for fitting information.  If you are in Bermuda send us an email at hello@tabsbermuda.com and we will happily arrange a time for you to try on TABS. Also, join our mailing list to hear about pop up shops.



Are my credit card details safe?

Yep.Your information is safe, secure and encrypted.



Where are orders dispatched?

All orders are dispatched from Bermuda. Please consider this when ordering internationally.



I'm having trouble paying via the website.

No problem. Email hello@tabsbermuda.com and we will send you our bank details for a direct payment.



What fabric Bermuda Shorts should I buy?

  • The fabric you choose depends on how and where you plan to wear your Bermuda shorts.
    • Cotton/Linen: Our most formal short. Perfect for weddings (whether you’re the groom or a guest) or dressing to impress in the boardroom.
    • Stretch Cotton: Same cut and style with a little more give and a premium brushed-cotton finish with a slightly more casual look.
    • Performance Line: Designed to keep you cool and comfortable on the golfing green.
    • Cotton Twill: Available in the widest selection of colours. Easily dressed up or down to take you from the boardroom to the boat. 

What is considered Bermuda Short length?

  • Bermuda shorts have an 8.5” inseam and should fall 1.5” to 2” above the knee.  TABS Bermuda shorts can easily be hemmed (up or down) to find the perfect length.


Why are they called Bermuda Shorts?

  • Bermuda Shorts were given their name by Rear Admiral Mason Berridge who adopted the style while the British Navy was stationed in Bermuda during WWI. Berridge first came across the shorts in Nathaniel Coxon’s tearoom; the business owner having hemmed his employees’ trousers to help beat the Summer heat. View the full history here.


Are Bermuda shorts business casual?

  • Bermuda shorts are traditionally a formal garment worn with a dress shirt, necktie, knee-length socks, and black or brown dress shoes, but can be worn as a casual garment as well. TABS designs Bermuda shorts for all occasions; casual to formal and everything in-between. View our full collection of Bermuda shorts here.


How do you wear Bermuda Shorts? / What do you wear with Bermuda Shorts?

  • Bermuda shorts are traditionally paired with a dress shirt, necktie, knee-length socks, and black or brown dress shoes. For more information on styling your Bermuda shorts, visit our How to Wear page.


Are Bermuda shorts in style this year? 

  • A Spring/Summer staple in Bermuda, Bermuda shorts have been a fashion trend for decades with no signs of falling out of style.


Are Bermuda Shorts just for men?

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