Bermuda Born is a luxury affordable leather handbag and accessories brand. We focus on bringing the very best leather goods to our clientele.

Our designer leather handbags are designed in Bermuda, by Patrice Morgan the founder has spent much of her life. Patrice draws her design inspiration from her island home.

Bermuda Born's products are produced in Portugal by skilled leather craftsmen.
Our handbags and small leather accessories can be described as luxurious, yet practical and durable. Bermuda Born leather goods were designed to serve a purpose for every occasion whether it be work, vacation, weddings and parties day-to-day activities.

Bermuda Born leather handbags are a timeless, resort-inspired staple in the buyer’s fashion-forward wardrobe. The six debut designer handbags in the collection are named after well-known locations throughout the island of Bermuda.

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