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TABS to Take a Bit of Bermuda to Cayman

The Royal Gazette | February 16, 2023

"Located in the heart of Camana Bay in the capital, George Town, on Grand Cayman, [TABS] will have an island concept, embracing creativity and local entrepreneurs"

Best of Bermuda Winner 2022:  Award of Excellence & Men's Businesswear
The Bermudian Magazine | Alisa Bernardo | August 5, 2022 
TABS Partners With Shanna Hollis For New Print
Bernews | May 12, 2022


Winner of Best of Bermuda 2021

The Bermudian Magazine | June 2021

The TABS team is proud to be the recipient of yet another Best of Bermuda award!  Thank you for all who voted is the Best Men's Business Wear in Bermuda!


TABS Best of Bermuda 2021


TABS 2.0 May Be Retail's Proof of Life

The Royal Gazette | July 15, 2021


Longtails & Loquats Brighten Things for Clothing Retailer

The Royal Gazette | May 24, 2021

"In Bermuda, nothing signifies [the return of Spring] better than the return of longtails and loquat season." 


TABS Launches Longtails & Loquats Design

Bernews | May 21, 2021

‚ÄúLongtails & Loquats will feature in TABS 2021 collection on their famous Bermuda and swim shorts, polo shirts, blankets, beach towels, and more.‚ÄĚ



TABS Expands Product Line

The Royal Gazette | October 27, 2020

“It’s important to us to ensure our customers’ opinions and wishes are heard so that we can continue to provide them with the best possible service."



The Best Things to do in Bermuda, From Diving Shipwrecks to Buying Bermuda Shorts

David LaHuta | The Telegraph | July 13, 2020

"’ll uncover a mix of formal British culture dressed in a pair of Bermuda shorts."


Bermuda Touted as Long-Haul Air Bridge: Here's What a Visit to the Island Will Look Like

David LaHuta | The Telegraph | June 25, 2020

"We‚Äôre ready to welcome people back safely with the kind of great customer service that they‚Äôve come to know and love...‚Ä̬†



Small Businesses Lukewarm on Relief Plan

Jessie Moniz Hardy | The Royal Gazette | April 17, 2020

 Bermudian business owners discuss their thoughts on Government's new economy stimulating measures.   



TABS Website Now Offering 'Local Loves' on Website.

Bernews | March 31, 2020

‚ÄúBy offering the ‚ÄėLocal Loves‚Äô¬†section on our website, we aim to encourage people to shop local and support local businesses..."



TABS Partners with Alshante Foggo for Mural

Bernews | March 3, 2020

“I love creating art that evokes positive emotions; something that makes you feel happy and livens up your day."



TABS "are a perfect match" for the Bermuda Championship - Bernews October 2019

We are a proud licensee of the Bermuda Championship golf tournament!  Read on for more information about the event and TABS' involvement.


"This year's  Bermuda shorts trend is, well, everywhere" - The Zoe Report June 2019

"For The Zoe Report’s Trace The Trend  series, we investigate the real story behind how your favorite trends got their starts. Here, a look back at the history of Bermuda shorts, and how they became a summer staple with major staying power."


"TABS is the island’s hippest line of Bermuda shorts" - Condé Nast Traveler May 2019

Read on to learn why TABS is the place to shop for your Bermuda shorts.


"Shorts are a Work of Art" - The Royal Gazette

Read about travel show host Eric Dowdle's visit to Bermuda and how his painting and puzzle became the latest line of TABS swim shorts. 


TABS Launches New Performance Line for Men - Bernews April 2019

Our new Performance Line is making headlines!


What to do when you're visiting Bermuda? Shop at TABS of course! - Travel + Leisure April 2019

Readon to learn about when best to visit Bermuda and how to spend your time while you're here.


We've just launched our Dowdle swim shorts!

Watch the full Bermuda episode of Painting the Town With Eric Dowdle to see the inspiration behind our newest Summer addition!


"...classic Bermuda shorts that bring in the crowds." - Frommer's April 2019

Thank you, David LaHuta, for this amazing review!  Have a read here and see why so many have fallen in love with TABS.


"It was like stepping into paradise." - Eric Dowdle

TABS was visited by the crew of Painting the Town With Eric Dowdle and learned what Bermuda shorts are made of.  The episode will be released in the Fall, but catch a sneak peek here!


TABS on¬†Espa√Īoles en el mundo

Featuring Spanish living abroad, Espa√Īoles en el mundo visited Bermuda. ¬†Check us out at TABS 39:00!

See the video here


TABS launches women’s collection - The Royal Gazette

Clothing store TABS launched its first women’s collection at the Bermuda Fashion Festival last weekend.

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TABS Launches 'North Rock' Swim Shorts - Bernews

 Once again, TABS has collaborated with local artist Graham Foster on the 2018 swim collection for kids and men.

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TABS get its TODAY show debut 

Bermuda shorts: How they started (and how to rock them)

"Bermuda is the home of Bermuda shorts, of course, and TODAY style expert Jill Martin joins Kathie Lee and Hoda at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club to explain how the fashion statement came to be."


TABS on the TODAY Show

Watch Video


Wardrobe Call!

See TABS on the big screen in Mother of all Secrets



AWARD! The Bermudian Magazine - July 2017

TABS wins the prize in the 'Made in Bermuda' awards for "Best Men's Beachwear".

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Bermuda: The Perfect Bermuda Shorts

"As the old saying goes, when in Bermuda…you gotta don Bermuda shorts"

TABS founder Rebecca Singleton is interviewed by 

Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 at the TABS flagship store in Hamilton.

Updated: January 4th 2018


Rebecca Singleton being interviewed by Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5


 Linda Cooper interviews TABS for America's Cup

Travel & Lifestyle TV Host Linda Cooper visits us in our Flagship store during the heat of the 35th America's Cup.

"Travel Time with Linda"


Linda Cooper visits the TABS flagship in Bermuda from TABS Bermuda on Vimeo.


"Official Opening of TABS Flagship" - August 2016

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"TABS named official Olympics short" - August 2016

The Bermuda Olympic Association [BOA] announced that TABS [The Authentic Bermuda Shorts] have been selected as the official Bermuda shorts for the dress uniform to be worn by the island’s athletes at the Opening and Flag Raising Ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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“10 Most Fascinating People of Bermuda 2015″ 

TABS owner Rebecca is recognised as one of the 10 most fascinating people of Bermuda in 2015.




"The unwritten island dress code is a more formal take on casual (e.g., no swim attire beyond the pool or beach and collared shirts instead of T-shirts). When in doubt, wear a pair of TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts).

Read more.


AWARD! The Bermudian Magazine - October 2015

TABS wins grand prize in the 'Made in Bermuda' awards as best local brand.

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Rebecca Hanson in TABS for the Bermudian Magazine coverMade in Bermuda Award


TF1 France - November 2015


History of Bermuda Shorts - TF1 interview (French) from TABS Bermuda on Vimeo.


Conde Nast Traveller - July /August 2015

The legendary Jimmy Chin wore his TABS on the Conde Nast Traveler photo shoot in Bermuda. Get behind the scenes with local photographer Gavin Howarth here.



GQ - July 2015



THE ROYAL GAZETTE - March 13th 2015

"TABS goes green for Earth Hour."

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TRAVEL + LEISURE - January 19th 2015

"Bermuda shorts are making a comeback."

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AFAR - Video

 AFAR BERMUDA REBECCA v003 from AFAR Media on Vimeo.



The Bermudian - Man of Style: Know Your Bermuda Shorts

...Without knowing it, Rebecca has created another quintessential Bermudian brand that could be as strong as Goslings Black Seal Rum, Outerbridge’s Sherry Pepper Sauce or Lili Bermuda perfumes....



The Bermudian - BEST OF BERMUDA AWARD 2014 - Best Corporate Gift

...Is there anything more quintessentially Bermudian than a pair of colourful Bermuda shorts? While international businessmen are often surprised by our national dress code, we are certain they would be honoured with a gift of expertly tailored shorts by TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts). Designed by Rebecca Hanson‚ÄĒa Bermudian in Bermuda‚ÄĒthe shorts can be ordered in colours like Elbow Beach Yellow, Coral Beach, Reef Line Blue and Princess Pink assuring that your clients can take a little Bermuda with them when they go home...




The New York Times - December 3rd 2014

...Rebecca Hanson, a designer of Bermuda shorts whose TABS line incorporates colors of local flora, fauna and architecture...



Delta Magazine -December 2014

TABS are a modern twist on the country's legendary shorts with whimsical linings and colours named for classic island locales, such as Bay Grape green and Hamilton Princesss...




Wear & Where - 24th September 2014

Interview and feature story.

"But how do you dress when sunshine and tropical temperatures are the norm? We asked the super-chic (and very inspiring) Rebecca to share her secrets…"

Read more:


Acu|bien - 29th July 2014

"Tailored men‚Äôs shorts are an instant way to inject¬†individual ‚Äėcool‚Äô and ‚Äėchic‚Äô¬†in the workplace, is practical in the constant summer heat, and a ready look for those after-work drinks or dinner."

Read more: 



This Week In Bermuda -  May 2014 Magazine Publication

 Magazine cover and feature story.


This Week In Bermuda - May 2014 Newspaper Publication

Magazine cover and feature story.


THE ROYAL GAZETTE, March 27th 2014

"TABS now in A.S.Cooper Man Store" - interview



THE ROYAL GAZETTE, March 28th 2014

"The online business TABS, which originally sold its Bermuda shorts exclusively from their website, has moved into the traditional retail sector with the popular men’s clothing item now selling at AS Cooper & Sons Ltd."

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TABS press release 


THE ROYAL GAZETTE, March 2nd 2014

"Rebecca Hanson, the founder of The Authentic Bermuda Shorts (TABS), said she was excited to see him confidently rocking the shorts and bringing extra media attention to the Bermuda fashion staple."

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THE ROYAL GAZETTE, February 11th 2014

"Sen Baron said he wanted to send the Bermuda shorts ‚ÄĒ which will be provided by Becci Hanson, owner of The Authentic Bermuda Shorts (TABS) ¬†¬†‚ÄĒ to show the staff at the Houston Chronicle another side of Bermuda."

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THE ROYAL GAZETTE, December 19th 2013

"Rebecca Hanson is one example ‚ÄĒ she launched The Authentic Bermuda Shorts Company (TABS) in Spring 2013 as an online business ‚ÄĒ but now it has a presence in the Mall‚Äôs Atlantic Jewellery Studio. The colourful and trendy shorts are available in several colours including red, pink, and orange, with winter colours including navy and hunter green on the way."

Read more:


THE HUNT GUIDES, December 19th 2013

"Wherever you are in the world, when you don a pair of Rebecca Hanson’s shorts, you’re transported into the sandy, palm-lined shores of Bermuda."

Read more:


‚ÄúThere are 4 things that makes TABS different from other shorts Bermuda Shorts in the market: fit, fabric, style and - most importantely - they were designed in and inspired by, Bermuda. They are The Authentic Bermuda Shorts.‚ÄĚ

Read more:


BERNEWS, November 1st 2013

"Rebecca Hanson of TABS will be on-hand at both events selling her bold, brightly coloured men’s Bermuda shorts."

Read more:


THE BERMUDA SUN, October 18th 2013

"I did a lot of research on the shorts before I set up TABS and I was really surprised by what I found out.¬†I doubt that many islanders today realise that it all started with a guy called Nathanial Coxon, who ran a little teashop in World War One. It‚Äôs such an interesting story.‚ÄĚ

Read more:


THE BOTTOM LINE, October 7th 2013

"Start me up, the entrepreneurial spark ignites."

Read more:


DESIGN PRETTY, September 10th 2013

"Men have been designing women’s clothes for years, it’s about time we jumped into their world."

Read more:


THE ROYAL GAZETTE, August 6th 2013

"Trend-setting shorts have a whole lot of Bermuda inside every pair"

Read more:


THE GUARDIAN, August 6th 2013

"The most stylish shorts will be well-cut, reasonably fitting around leg and waist, straight-leg, just above knee-length and plain in design, with no extra pockets."

Read more:


RADWORKS DESIGN, August 5th 2013

"A HUGE shout out & special recognition with this post to¬†TABS,¬†The Authentic Bermuda Shorts. Designed by one of my favorite entrepreneurs,¬†TABS¬†are ‚Äúexpertly tailored for a flattering, straight-leg fit, the traditional cut is balanced with bold colours and flamboyant linings.‚ÄĚ Go get yours!"

Read more:


DAILY MAIL, July 23rd 2013

"New trend for smart shorts to keep cool in the office"

Read more: 


BERNEWS, July 16th 2013

"Bermuda sets example for shorts for work"

Read more:


BBC, July 15th 2013

"The debate of the moment is whether or not shorts at work are acceptable work attire."

Read more:


THE TELEGRAPH, July 14th 2013

"If you are going to wear shorts, chaps, do it with a bit of style."

Read more:


SOULO STYLE, July 7th 2013

"Trending now The Bermuda Shorts"

Read more:


THE GUARDIAN, June 30th 2013

Paris Fashion Week Highlights

Read more:


WASHINGTON POST, June 23rd 2013

Milan Fashion Week Highlights

Read more:


ABC NEWS, June 23rd 2013

"Bermuda shorts are next year's menswear essential."

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