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May 01, 2017 2 min read

Welcome to our little piece of paradise!  Hopefully your visit will be full of warm, sunny days, but you should definitely celebrate your arrival by sampling the Gosling’s Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Be careful though, this tempestuous blend of their famous black rum and Barritt’s ginger beer might leave you feeling a little ‘cloudy’.  TIP: grab one of their plastic bottles available at the airport for easy packing.

Bermuda shorts are the unofficial dress of Bermuda and you will see locals sporting the unique look. At my company, TABS, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to colour selections.  Our collection is island inspired and colour-matched to the flora, fauna, and architecture of Bermuda and available for men, women and now kids. We are an official licensee of the America’s Cup and our Bermuda inspired range makes the perfect gift or memento of the event. You can stop by our flagship store in the Walker Arcade in Hamilton and let us help you step out in Bermuda style. 

Bermuda is famous for its pink sands and you can take a small bit home with you in Alexandra Mosher’s award winning jewelry. Visiting her new boutique in Hamilton is a must.

Speaking of great shopping experiences, you should definitely stop by the Bermuda perfumery in St. George’s and have afternoon tea in their boutique. It's a sensory delight with gorgeous smells, tastes and a lovely garden too.

I love the loquat jam fromTribeway Treats & Treasures!Prepared from locally picked fruits they offer a selection of sweet and spicy jams which make the perfect spread or marinade for the chef in your life.

You can even take the smell of fresh loquats back home with you with one of the Bermuda Candle Company’s mouth-watering candles – just don't eat it!

You can find the jams and candles amongst other local makers in our TABS flagship store.

Have a Bermudaful day!


Rebecca Singleton

Owner & Founder