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June 01, 2017 2 min read

Welcome to the Isle of Devils where our Summer traditions are the highlight of the year. From Carnival to Cup Match, we have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking to partake in a Bermudian tradition, join in with the Gombey troupes at Harbour Nights for a dance blended from indigenous peoples from around the world.  Their stunning costumes are decorated with mirrors, tassels, and other small items; each one unique to its owner.  Get caught up in the infectious drumbeat and sharp blasts of the leader’s whistle then refuel with a traditional Bermuda fish sandwich and a glass of Bermuda’s own Rum Swizzle.

At the end of July, the island takes a two-day holiday to celebrate what is most commonly known as “Cup Match”.  The epic competition it between the East and West ends of the island and the two teams, Somerset and St. George’s, compete for the championship and bragging rights for the year.  Each team’s colours, red and blue for Somerset and light and dark blue for St. George’s, can be seen everywhere in the weeks leading up to the event. Our clothing, cars, and even houses will be adorned to show our support for our teams.  No one can accuse of us not taking this seriously…

In recent years, Bermuda has taken on the tradition of Carnival.  Popular in the West Indies, our National Heroes’ Weekend has become synonymous with costumes and soca music. Not quite ready to participate?  Then find a spot along the route and enjoy the festivities Parade of Bands.

TABS Bermuda Gombey Swim Shorts

When designing new products for my Bermuda Shorts Brand, TABS, I like to draw inspiration from all things Bermuda.  Come by the TABS flagship store on Reid Street and have a look at our new Carnival Collection.  Our brightly coloured polo shirts and Gombey print swim shorts are the perfect attire for the Summer’s festivities.  Local jeweller, Rebecca Little, has expanded the line of jewellery she’s made exclusively for TABS to include the vibrant colours of the Gombeys and Carnival.  We even have Somerset and St. George’s swim shorts to help you to get into the spirit of Cup Match.


Rebecca Singleton

Owner & Founder