Longtails & Loquats


We've partnered with Bermudian artist Christina Sgobba (Lemoncello Design) to bring you 'Longtails & Loquats'. Quintessentially Bermudian and inspired by the island's favourite fruit and the iconic Longtail bird, Loquats & Longtails is a nod towards the fresh start of Spring and new beginnings; something we can all look forward to this year.

"When TABS approached us, we were delighted to help them create a completely custom and unique textile pattern that spoke to the beauty and special characteristics of Bermuda. Like all creative processes, we started with inspiration, color palates and consideration of application. We wanted the pattern to be gender-neutral while also honoring the collection of colors that TABS has carefully curated.  When selecting subject matter, we started with one of our favorite botanical elements that doesn’t seem to get enough love in commercial fabrics: loquats. To complement this element of the land, we thought we’d include an iconic image from the sky, and this is how the idea of the Longtails & Loquats pattern was born. After hand sketching, we translated the drawings into digitized images and added layers of color to create dimension. And just for fun, we threw in a few sneaky shapes of Bermuda in the shadow of the leaves – be sure to look for them! It is very rare that a textile pattern would not only be designed in Bermuda (trust us – this isn’t common!), but then applied to an intrinsically Bermuda brand. Lemoncello Design is so pleased to be a part of this project and hope many locals and tourists alike wear it with pride."

Christina Sgobba (Lemoncello Design) 


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