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TWiB Style Guide - September

September 04, 2014 2 min read

As the end of the summer approaches a feeling of excitement and dread washes over me. Excitement because the summer sales are here >>>BERP BERP!!!!<<< and dread because it has been a long expensive summer of endless weddings, baby showers and large grocery bills. I should NOT be going shopping. But alas, the smell of leather on sale, and stiletto at a steal is too much to bare... besides I need to write this column right?! This month we have focused on the best deals in town. Get ready to get some early Christmas presents and stock up on designer labels of things you never in your wildest paycheck thought you could have.

Lusso. Let's start at the top of the retail tower of love. Designer labels on up to 70% off. For real. Fendi, Prada, Mui Mui... and it's not just last years size 4's. Did you know you can pay them over time for a purchase? Yep, they will put your item aside and wait until you can afford it. Remember to ask what they have in the back, some of their gems are hidden. I love the orange Miu-Miu's and the coral and blue Fendi wallets. The perforated leather is life proof and will keep looking new for years to come. It's definitely worth getting some early Christmas presents from here. Your family will love you! (hint hint ;)

Trends. There is something primal about digging through a large bucket of shoes and fighting 3 other women to get your perfect pair. Get involved... the discount is worth it. Nine West at 50% off, but try before you buy, some of those shoes have been tried on by tons of women and the soft leather stretches easily.

Atelerie. Bargain bucket, go straight for it... I found a top there last week from $200 + down to $50. Steal. Don't hesitate there will be another lady behind you ready to snatch it. 

French Connection. Be sure to go downstairs, that's where the best deals are. There is almost an entire room full of clothes at discounted prices

Max Mara. Wow, this is a store wide sale. I suspect some of the prices may go down even further so keep an eye out for this store in the coming weeks. 

Here are some snaps of our top pics for the end of summer sales!

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