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TABS Men's Long Sleeve Linen Shirt - TABS Turquoise


Crafted for those who seek the ultimate relaxation, this shirt embodies the essence of island living. Woven from premium linen, our shirt is as soft as a gentle breeze, keeping you cool and comfortable even in the midst of balmy evenings.

The Colour:

If you want to find the perfect colour make it yourself!

Back in 2019 team TABS took to the beach with paints and palette to find the shade we felt best represented our unique coastline and embodied our brand. After much blending and debating, we found a colour that we all agreed upon, creating 'TABS Turquoise'.

The finer details:

  • 100% premium linen
  • Front pocket
  • TABS signature triangle logo above back pleat
  • Sunburst embroidery on left inside cuff
  • TABS signature script on bottom right placket
  • A unique double-button design for personalized adjustments and a more flattering, sophisticated appearance
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Portugal, Designed with love in Bermuda