TABS Flagship Store in Bermuda

TABS - The Authentic Bermuda Shorts
Flagship Store
Walker Arcade
12 Reid Street

Conveniently located in central Hamilton, we have created an experiential boutique where you can not only buy our full range of products, but also read about the inspiration behind the brand and learn about the local artists and island colours that continually inspire.

...And that's not all! We have also partnered with some of our favourite 'local loves' to give you exclusive jewellery, hats, candles, Bermuda made jams and more! 

The following brands can be found at our Flagship Store:

Local Loves
Bermuda Candle Co.
Billow & Luft
Constellation Kitchen
Daughters of Summer
Gombey Dolls by Janice Warner
Graham Foster Art
Indigo Song
Jackie Stevenson
Katherine Summerville
La Petite Soirée
Limestone + Cedar
Marooned Clothing
Modern Lifestyle
Pixie Grotto
Rebecca Little
Roots Bermuda
The Admiral’s Daughters
Tribeway Treats & Treasures
Water Hazard 
International Brands
Ann Carol Designs
Charleston Shoe Company
Dapper Classics
Dowdle Folkart
Harding Lane
Hari Mari
Holderness & Bourne
Kenny Flowers
Sunski Sunglasses
Wadsworth Belts

For general enquires and sales please contact Hayley on: +1 (441) 704 TABS |

Store hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm. Closed for public holidays.



Store photo by NHURI BASHIR


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