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Men's ♻️ Swim Trunks - Foster's Bathysphere


Introducing our 2024 Print with Purpose: Bathysphere

TABS x Graham Foster Swim Trunks Supporting BUEI

Dive into history and style with these exclusive swim trunks, featuring a painting by renowned Bermudian artist Graham Foster, made into a stunning pattern. Inspired by the historic Bathysphere dives off Bermuda, this piece of wearable art captures the wonder of underwater exploration and the fascinating marine life discovered in the depths.

History and Inspiration: The Bathysphere, a pioneering submersible, made its historic dives in the 1930s, plunging to unprecedented depths and revealing a hidden world teeming with life. These daring expeditions off Bermuda’s coast unveiled astonishing marine species, some appearing prehistoric. The Bathysphere's journey not only showcased human ingenuity and the drive for discovery but also ignited a passion for ocean conservation.

Design and Features: Our Bathysphere print, featuring artwork by Graham Foster, celebrates this spirit of adventure and curiosity. The trunks feature an intricate pattern of the remarkable sea creatures encountered during these dives, from luminescent fish to otherworldly invertebrates, set against a backdrop of deep ocean blues and greens.

  • Eco-friendly: Made from high-quality recycled materials.
  • Comfortable Fit: Elastic waistband and quick-dry fabric.
  • Supportive: Netted 'pant' lining and netted pockets.

Support Ocean Conservation: A portion of proceeds goes to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), promoting marine research and education.

The collection also includes KIDS swim shorts and TOWELS.