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OTAA Tie - Phi Phi


The Phi Phi Yellow Floral Skinny Tie captures the intangible essence of a quixotic beach holiday in Thailand. The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand, known for the idyllic scenery. The thread weaving magicians at the OTAA dreamhouse have synthesized that essence of this beauty into the tie you see before you, calling it the essence of Phi Phi. Now you too can carry the majesty of the beach with you wherever you go, in the form of this dazzling tie.

The floral motif is brimming with colour and verve, adorned in jasmine pink flowers with pastel mint leaves, bordered in stylised disconnected lines. The bright motif has colour to spare, forget your wardrobe this gem will brighten up the whole room! The linen is plush, finely woven to lend a texture of softness to the matte fabric, ensuring it feels as good as it looks and the soft shades balance the bright colours to ensure a piece that is highly versatile to whatever ensemble you pair it with. The Phi Phi Yellow Floral Tie is a ravishing example of fine fashion, so good you won’t know whether to wear it or frame it.


  • 145 cm length of Skinny Tie
  • 6 cm widest point
  • 3.5 cm narrowest point
  • 145 cm length of Necktie
  • 8.5 cm widest point
  • 3.2 cm narrowest point


  • Dry clean
  • Hand made


  • 100% Cotton