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OTAA Pocket Square - Lavender

The Iris Lilac Purple Weave Pocket Square is a sumptuous piece of attire, crafted with care to lift your entire ensemble. The light and invigorating tone of mauve and quartz are inspired by the magnificent petals of the Lilac flower, basking in the light of the spring sun. The fetching trim of the Iris Lilac Purple satin offers refined elegance to the Handkerchief and provides a delicately balanced cut, hand-crafted to enrich formal stylings with elegant charm.

The high-quality satin is woven to enhance the natural shimmer of the gentle, subtly matte surface with the weave of the fabric arranged into diagonally stroked bevelling that creates a finely textured appearance, which is pleasingly smooth to the touch. The Iris Lilac Purple Weave Handkerchief will make for a standout addition to your wardrobe and add a dash of sophisticated verve to your stylings.