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OTAA Crew Socks - Island Palm


OTAA’s Island Palm Tree Socks offer a little slice of paradise. The palm tree is a quintessential symbol of paradise and relaxation, so it makes sense these Island Palm Tree Socks make the perfect staple for your holiday styles. If you don’t have the luxury of taking them on vacation, that’s fine too. Bring them to the boardroom for a carefree look- your boss will love it! Soon you’ll be working from a hammock and replacing your coffee with coconuts. 

These socks are finely crafted from a plush combed cotton material and finished with a cutting-edge 200 needle stitch- guarranteed to make any day a breeze. The navy blue and yellow palette provides an eye-catching addition for a polished look. All that's left needed is sand, waves and a martini in-hand. Cheers!

US Men's 8-12

65% Combed Cotton 
30% Polyester 
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane