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OTAA Ankle Socks - Honey Bee


Bees are closely related to certain types of wasps, the principal biological difference between them being that bees provide their young with a mixture of pollen and honey, whereas wasps feed their young animal food or provision their nests with insects or spiders. Associated with this difference in food preference are certain structural differences, the most essential being that wasps are covered with unbranched hairs, whereas bees have at least a few branched or feathered hairs to which pollen often clings.

The Honey Bee Low Cut Socks were shaped to epitomize the fascinating facts about these insects. With its rich shade of pink and inspired look from a honey bee you can totallybrighten up everyone’s day. No doubt you canlighten up the mood by just having a peek at this ace piece.

US Men's 8-12

65% Combed Cotton 
30% Polyester 
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane