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OTAA Ankle Socks - Green Polka Dot


Initially, the olive color got its name from the green olives, whereas the title of this shade appeared for the first time in the Middle East. It defines that the color started using between 1150 to 1500. Usually, the olive hue is considered as a conventional symbol of peace and harmony. Moreover, the color also signifies perception, empathy, and space for humankind. The color gives good vibes as it has a better sense of identifying right and wrong. This soft shade also defines wealth and ambition.

The Olive Green Dot Low Cut Socks is a must have to any gentleman’s wardrobe. With its rich hue of olive green made it even moretimelessand sophisticated to any occasion attire. Wearing this pair will make you feel relaxed and nothing to worry about uncertainty as it will giveoutstanding comfort.

US Men's 8-12

65% Combed Cotton 
30% Polyester 
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane