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Alibi NYC Candle - Blue Jasmine & Fern


This luxurious Virgin Coconut Crème wax is a blend of natural soy and coconut waxes and has a creamy white appearance, burns evenly using less wax consumption. These coconut and soy waxes come from renewable sources and are FDA approved.

Scent: Green geraniums and a medley of jasmine and roses.

Burn time: Up to 120 hours
  • Handmade in New York
  • FDA approved Virgin Coconut Crème & Soy Wax 
  • FDA approved wooden wicks for an eco-friendly, cleaner and longer lasting burn!

Why wooden wicks? Wooden wicks have a beautiful flickering flame and a soft cracking sound that's reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace.

Wooden wicks also produce a distinctive flat horizontal flame, which give a modern and uncommon quality to your candle. Wooden wicks don’t ‘mushroom’ the way cotton wicks do! That means minimal carbon buildup and minimal debris and sooting. It also has a slower burn, making your candles last longer!