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TABS Giving

Here at TABS we believe in the importance of giving back to Bermuda. As a local brand with local roots, we have a responsibly to strive for a better Bermuda.


Charities and events that we are supporting:

The Family Centre provides early intervention services to children who are suffering from family based problems such as abuse, neglect, and other emotional based problems.

Click here to learn more about the Family Centre.


Bermuda Cancer and Health is engaged in the prevention, detection and support of cancer and other health concerns in the local community.

Click here to learn more about Bermuda Cancer and Health.



Cash for Nash was a fundraising event to help raise money for the villages in San Ramon. Funds helped to build a church, schools and desperately needed medical facilities and supplies.



Founded in 1926, the seven-acre facility is an important centre for science education, research and species conservation. 

Click here to learn more about the Bermuda Zoological Society


BEN is an independent association of organisations offering free supplementary learning opportunities for Bermuda’s public school students.

Click here to learn more about The Bermuda Education Network