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How to wear Bermuda Shorts 





Instead of a blazer and trousers we wear the Bermuda suit. Here's how to dress up your TABS for a formal setting.

  1. Navy blazer.
  2. Keep it simple with a white or striped dress shirt, make sure it’s tucked in.
  3. Your tie should complement your TABS. For a more dapper look, a bowtie.
  4. Your socks should complement your outfit OR be navy. Socks are worn just below the knee.
  5. Brown or black loafers to finish the look.

    * In Bermuda this look is considered proper attire for weddings and the workplace. If you are not in Bermuda or at a Bermuda function, this look will certainly be a conversation started. If you want to stand out from the crowd and bring some charm to your work place, this is the look for you.



    The dreaded ‘smart casual’ dress code is easy with TABS.


    Wear a shirt and open the top 2 buttons. Role the sleeves of the shirt up to your elbow. If it's chilly, slip on a sweater or cardigan. Watch your colours here, if you have gone for a neutral short then team it up with a bright jumper OR shirt, not both. No socks and finish the look with some brown loafers.


    For a more European look, team your TABS with a linen shirt and suede deck shoes.





    For a preppy look, pair your TABS with a polo shirt, cardigan over the shoulders and loafers.





    Team your TABS with a breezy white shirt and classic espadrilles or converse for a relaxed holiday look. You can wear a t-shirt under your shirt and undo all the buttons for a more casual look.




    TABS, T-shirt, flip flops, beer.




    Colour guide:  Typically darker skin tones look great in the brighter hues where as guys without an island tan look great in the lighter shades like Beach Beige and Princess Pink.


    The general rule is neutral TABS = bright coloured top, bright coloured TABS = neutral top. Simple.


    Belt: The bright colours of TABS look great contrasted against the brown or black of a belt. 


    Tip: No one wants to see your boxers. Wear white boxers with your lighter coloured TABS.


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