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Hedge Zellie Cashmere Vest


Soft, elegant and light-weight cashmere perfect for warm-ups and cool downs. Wear it over leggings to your workout, wear it over a pencil skirt to the office, wear it to the beach, bring it to a wedding! The cozy shawl collar will keep you warm, while the sleeveless counterbalance keeps you cool. You can also create your own shape; the wrap tie belt function helps you create the hourglass figure, or you can wear it open for a bohemian look. Tie it off to the side and leave a touch open for chic new style. Two front pockets for sporting accessories.

100% Cashmere

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash or hand wash with gentle detergent in cold water. Lay flat on a towel and roll up to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry.