Kids' Swim Trunks - Foster 2.0

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We are honoured to have partnered with leading Bermudian artist Graham Foster once again to bring you Foster 2.0 for Kids.

Using his original painting, we created a unique pattern that has been digitally printed onto the shorts. 

Quintessentially Bermudian in design, these shorts are expertly tailored in a quick dry fabric and limited edition. 

"I wanted to experiment with a bolder palette, and work in a looser, more expressionistic style using classic bermudian iconography such as the lighthouse, typical architecture, the Spirit of Bermuda, and local flora and fauna. I also tried to portray a sense of movement using flowing waves." GRAHAM FOSTER

The original painting is called "Bermuda Regatta" and is a 12 square foot acrylic on wood commission. Prints are available here:

Also available in men's.

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