Men's Cotton Polo - Cedar Berry


Inspired by the soft purple of the Bermude Cedar Berry which isn't actually a berry, but a seed cone!  Pair these with our North Rock Navy or TABS Turquoise Bermuda shorts for an easy outfit! 

Ben wears a size large in the video above.  

Why you're going to love our polos:

  1. The inside collars and plackets have island inspired custom prints.

  2. Reinforced collar and neck stand to absorb sweat and keep you cool.

  3. Contrasting side vent for a pop of colour.

  4. Subtle logo on the chest.

  5. It's perfectly fitted, not too boxy, not too tight.

  6. The back hem is curved and slightly longer than the front to be more flattering.

  7. The fabric is a light cotton-pique with a satin finish. The perfect weight to keep you cool and also hold its shape.

  8. The colours are colour-matched to the island of Bermuda.