Indigo Song Tapestry of Tales

A collection of photographs of Bermuda's people at home woven together by their stories.

Hardback with silver foil stamped linen coated cover |  252 pages  |  9x12

"While driving home one evening, I noticed a crumbling house by the side of the road. The paint was the colour of the sea and peeled patches exposed the Bermuda limestone beneath. The louvered windows were filthy, but the glow of a lamp within revealed just enough to ignite my curiosity. Framing the rows of glass was a luxurious brocade curtain that looked more like it belonged in a Venetian palazzo than an old Bermuda cottage."

"I wondered who lived there and at that moment I immediately visualised a collection of photographs of people in their homes. It would be five years before I turned that idea into reality. Creating this book was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. When I set out, I was not sure how my uninvited knock would be received, but people were warm and welcoming, and incredibly forthcoming about their lives."

Amanda Temple