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OTAA Tie - Navy on Red Mini Pin Dots


To design this Navy on Red Mini Pin Dots Tie, we took a trip to a fancy French Museum. We looked at the magnificent Renaissance paintings on the wall and thought, “Wow. That’s way too difficult to replicate,” so we then turned to the dusty painting in the corner and thought: “perfect”. It was colourful, eye-catching and not too highbrow; they knew they had to conceptualise it as a brilliant necktie design. The Navy on Red Mini Pin Dots Tie is the result.

This necktie was elegantly hand-sewn with little machine interference. With a lustrous feel and exquisite texture, the Navy on Red Mini Pin Dots Tie features a navy palette with ebullient red mini polka dots. The superior quality of this necktie is showcased through the exquisite horizontal textures that are embellished throughout; giving your suits a multifaceted staple.


  • 145 cm length of Skinny Tie
  • 6 cm widest point
  • 3.5 cm narrowest point
  • 145 cm length of Necktie
  • 8.5 cm widest point
  • 3.2 cm narrowest point


  • Dry clean
  • Hand made


  • 100% Microfiber