Keep to the season whilst keeping your cool in our new autumnal shades.

Bermuda shorts

Who says you can't wear Bermuda shorts after September?! Times have changed my friend, and with temperatures still high it's a little too toasty for trousers. Here are 5 must have tips on how to wear your TABS as the weather gets cooler:

  1. Layer it up - this winter is all about layering. Throw on a jumper over your shirt or a loose scarf. The trick this season is to keep it relaxed. Keep your buttons undone and your shirt and tie loose. 
  2. Don't go crazy with the colours - colours should be rich and deep. Pair your brighter/pastel TABS with a rich coloured shirt/top. 
  3. Pocket Squares -  If you feel like your look is too casual for work, then add a pocket square for immediate flare. 
  4. Sock it to em' - there are no excuses why you can't wear your Bermuda Socks to work. Not only is it true Bermuda style, but it will help keep your man calfs warm :).

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