Men's Ties

Size Guide
TABS Turquoise Linen Skinny Tie
Palmetto Green Skinny Tie
Crystal Caves Linen Skinny Tie
North Rock Navy Linen Skinny Tie
Cooper's Island Blue Linen Skinny Tie
Loquat Yellow Cotton Skinny Tie
Lavender 31 Linen Skinny Tie
South Shore Pink Pink Paisley Skinny Tie
Conch Shell Pink Paisley Skinny Tie
Peach Floral Skinny Tie
Red Bird Satin Skinny Tie
Surinam Cherry Velvet Skinny Tie
Mulberry Jam Velvet Skinny Tie
Herringbone Blue Skinny Tie
Speckles on Blue Donegal Skinny Tie
Passion Flower Purple Skinny Tie
TABS Turquoise Linen Necktie
Purple Floral Necktie
Herringbone Blue Necktie
Something Blue Linen Necktie
Something Blue Pin Stripe Linen Necktie
Blue Paisley Necktie
Dusk Blue Floral Necktie
Blue Heron Linen Necktie
Lavender 31 Linen Necktie
Purple Paisley Necktie
Conch Shell Pink Paisley Necktie
Peach Floral Necktie
Red Bird Velvet Necktie
Floral Necktie
Red Plaid Cotton Necktie
Reef Line Blue Velvet Necktie
Black Velvet Necktie
Bermuda Palm Tree Necktie
Red Parrot Necktie
Army Green Necktie

Neckties and skinny ties crafted by hand and tailored to perfection in Satin, Linen, Cotton and Velvet.

Necktie Details:

148cm length

8.5cm widest point

3.8cm narrowest point

Skinny Tie Details:

148cm length

6cm widest point

3.5cm narrowest point

Dry clean only.

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